If you're like any of the team here at The Final Third, you've probably got a mean collection of shirts you love. Thing is, there's always those few that you don't wear because they don't fit, are a little tatty or you simply just don't wear it anymore.

Your options with these shirts used to be send it to an op shop, give it to someone else, or throw it out. Finally, there's another solution. Here, we're massive on sustainability and reducing waste, that's why we've dedicated this page to Unwanted FC and their upcycling service.
Unwanted FC upcycles old kits into new functional designs that are made to last. From tote bags, boot bags, side bags and face masks, each product serves a purpose. 

The team have been smashing out some awesome upcycled designs and have even created custom pieces for professional athletes such as Isobel Dalton (Lewes FC), Amy Harrison (PSV + Matildas) and Héctor Bellerin (Real Betis).

With an ongoing community partnership with Brisbane Roar as well, the brand has its eyes on bringing zero waste consumption to the broader Australian football community.

So if you've got an old shirt sitting on a hanger, give it a new life instead of throwing it out and it ending up in landfill!
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