From what started out of a bedroom in Australia in March 2018 with just 4 styles, we've grown a little bit since. Over these years, we’ve learned to believe a lot of things.

We believe that you can’t a finesse shot without thinking you’re Henry. We believe that you can’t round a keeper without feeling like Ronaldo. We believe you can’t make a slide tackle without picturing yourself as Maldini. We also believe that Football is the greatest sport on earth.

Football is a silly game. Realistically, it’s 22 players, a referee and a ball, but let’s be real, it’s so much more than that. Football to us is the uncontrolled joy we feel when that ball hits the net, throwing beers and hugging strangers. It’s the heartache we feel when the ball hits our net. It’s staying with your team through thick and thin. It’s walking past a stranger wearing your team colours and giving them “the nod”. Football is a religion where everyone is welcome and no one is alone.

We believe Football is everything and more. Just the same as it is to you.

Why we exist is simple. We believe the joy and nostalgia that Football gives us should be treasured and shown off. Football shouldn’t just be for the pitch. You should be able to take the game with you every step of the way. That's why we draw inspiration from the best bits of the game and turn it into a culture you can share with others. From Socks to T-Shirts, we just want to grow the culture around the game.

We're also driven to make sure we're reducing or eliminating all the waste that we possibly can. Whether it's sending your orders in 100% Zero Waste packaging or looking for alternate materials to make our clothes, we're committed to reduce what goes to landfill.

Also, we just happen to make the best quality gear too.

When you buy from us, you’re not just buying good gear, you’re buying into years of passion that we want to share with the world.

The Final Third

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