Top 5 tips to become a more sustainable football player

Playing football is something that we genuinely love doing and it’s something that some of us can’t live without. Coincidentally, literally none of us can live without the earth. Rather than slam you with evidence about climate change, I’d love to give you 5 simple tips that can help you to become a more sustainable footballer player today.
We know that there’s a climate crisis and that no matter what we do, we’ll have an impact on the earth. These 5 tips won’t exactly save the earth, but it will help. Think about being more sustainable as building a habit, rather than a one off thing you can do to feel good. We’re all human and sometimes we make decisions that aren’t the best for the world, but just starting to think about sustainability is a great start.

While there is so much we can do as football players to be more sustainable, here are 5 super easy tips you can do today.

Here we go:

1) Put your tape in the f****** bin.

For those that use tape to keep their shin pads and/or socks up while playing, stop being lazy and put the tape in the bin. On top of that, consider getting a pair of shin guard stays that can be re-used instead of using tape all the time.

While tape itself isn’t great for the earth, lets start small.

2) Stop buying single use plastic drink bottles.

This one is super easy. Whether it’s water or gatorade, take the extra 2 minutes and fill up a bottle before you leave the house. For those who love a gatorade, buy the containers of powder that make you 8 gatorades as opposed to buying 8 gatorades and having those bottles end up in landfill.

Same as the above, put your bottle in the f****** bin.

3) Donate or recycle your old football boots.

When boots get old or just aren’t worn anymore, it’s tempting to just chuck them in the bin and forget about them. But then they just end up in landfill.
Donating old boots, that are in good condition, that you don’t need anymore is a great way to ensure they live on and don’t end up attributing to waste. It also gives those who may not be able to afford boots a chance to rock some in their next game. A quick google search will show you plenty of ways to donate boots in your local area.

To donate your boots, check out services like:
Fair Game Australia & Boots for Balkans

Boots that are too far gone can also be recycled. Whether they’re used to make new boots or other products, recycling any part of them is better than nothing.

To recycle your boots, check out services like:
Sokito Boots Recycling

4) Carpool to your games and training.

While it’s all well and good to drive yourself to a game, try asking some of your team mates to carpool with you. We know carpooling might not always possible, but it’s worth considering as carpooling saves around 1.6m tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

Carpooling gives you a chance to talk tactics, play bangers and get ready for the game instead of listening to Waka Waka by yourself.

5) Wear football gear that’s made with recycled materials.

Technology in manufacturing has come so far over the years and now there are a huge range of eco-friendly and recycled materials being used in clothing. While a vast majority of us aren’t able to change the material of the club shirts that we wear, you do have a choice over the other accessories such as shin pads, kit bags and grip socks, among others.

Our Recycled Grip Socks are made from 96% recycled polyester. To do this, we pull plastic from landfill and break it down to a form that we can spin into socks. By using waste, we avoid creating unnecessary pollution that is created when manufacturers use raw polyester.

Grip socks are extremely popular already and every day more players are making the switch over normal football socks as they change the way your boots feel for the better. So rather than just grabbing any pair on the shelf, consider buying a pair of Recycled Grip Socks.

Like ours.

None of these tips are hard. The hardest part is actually making the choice to do them.

So, with all that said, we hope that these 5 tips can help you become a more sustainable football player today.

Dane Hinchy
The Final Third

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