Our Best & Worst Football Shirts of Euros - 2020/2021

As another Euro’s comes to a close, the thought on everyone's mind is not whether “It’s Coming Home” or not, or how long will it be before Italy lose their first game in what seems like an eternity, but what are the best and worst kit of the Euros. Are they good (or bad) enough to be donned at the local 5-a-side by your local Ladzio's, 'Pathetico Madrid's or Murder on Zidane’s Floor's.

Here, at The Final Third, after some internal back-and-forth, here are our best and worst kits of the Euro’s.


#3 Russia Away


The Сборная could have had one of the cleanest kits at the tournament but just like how oddly sized sponsors ruin a club shirt, the size of the numering on the front just puts me off. Something about it just being slapped on the only available space. Maybe if the number was smaller, or possibly even within the blue and red stripe, it could have been a contender for the best. Unfortuantely, it's a miss for Russia and Adidas.


#2 North Macedonia Home


Now, we're aware this may be a little controversial, but hear us out. As great as the journey for North Macedonia was to get to the Euro’s, and the added element of Goran Pandev, unfortunately the kits that Jako provided were just simply underwhelming. Even acknowleging that the Рисови fans backlash made them change back to the pictured kit, it still doesn't cut the mustard. Despite the kit featuring the new sun of Liberty, the stripes down the side and the horrid collar just force us to put their football shirt in at number 2.


#1 All of the Puma Away Kits



If Ali Dia was a kit he'd be the Puma away kits. These kits are reminiscent of a warm up training shirt or a cheap supporter shirt and for us, don't deserve to be worn during the game. This kit was Italy's second lowest point of the tournament (behind the Leo Spinnazola injury of course). While you've got to tip your hat to Puma for trying something new and putting themselves out there, we hope this style doesn't fit its way into the Puma sponsored teams such like Borussia Dortmund and Manchester City next season.


#3 Slovakia Home 


For a while, Nike have played around with templates and original designs and this design is one that pushes the boundaries. We love it. After going against the grain of the usual Nike colour swatch of the main colour dominating the kit, they've turned that on its head. What makes this one special is the pattern that is inspired by the mountains and geographical landscape of Slovakia. The mix of navy blue and black is something that is easy on the eye and the patches are very at home on this kit. Throw in the fantastic side tape and we've got a belter.

#2 France Away




I've got one word to describe this away number. Magnifique

While some of brand team disagree, for me, this kit is elegant. Building on from 2018’s World Cup kit of all white, the French added a blue and red stripe along the side.A rather simple detail, but one that makes it a minimalists wet dream. Les Bleus have had some interesting Nike away kits, usually quite bold, however, this football shirt is easy on the eyes and almost as pleasing to see as Benzema banging in the goals.

#1 Denmark 3rd


In Australia, kick off was 5am. Half asleep, turning on the TV and seeing the Danes walk out in this slick number against England was something else. While black-out kits were trending for a little while, we support red-out kits now. On top of that it also pays homage to the 1986 Denmark kit, also by Hummel. This kit alone was worthy of lifting the Henri Delaunay Trophy at Wembley, let alone the team after what they'd gone through. 

As Carlsberg says, “Possibly the best beer in the world”, this could possibly be the best kit in the world.

Honourable Mention

Ukraine Home 


While there might be some big omissions from our list, we think it's worth noting Ukraine and Joma's effort. Based on the history and current events of the country, Ukraine made a bold statement including the map outline of their country, including Crimea. With tensions high between Russia and Ukraine, it shows the world that football is always more than just 22 players on a pitch. Especially when it's on the world stage.

All in all, this Euros has seen some lacklustre and fantastic kit. While it’ll likely be remembered for it’s on-field ups and downs, like Ukraine's run, Christian Eriksen unfortunate incident, multiple Locatelli masterclasses, England’s defiant run and Italy’s passion, we’re just stoked to be able to speak about the kits.


Words by Jack McDonald

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