Japan Home Kit 2018

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First things first, this kit is a bloody banger. A nice deep blue, unreal crest and an overall fantastic design. Although the Japanese National Team are no stranger to a stunning kit (check out the 1998 Home Kit), the Blue Samurai have really outdone themselves this year.


The crest features the Yatagarasu, a three-legged crow from Japanese mythology. The Yatagarasu is depicted to hold a solid red ball, a ball which symbolises the nation of Japan.

The Yatagarasu, historically, has been the one to clean up after great battles. Fitting to think back to when the fans and players cleaned up after the great battle against Belgium. It’s a symbol of the renaissance that comes after tragedy. This crow-god is also a symbol of guidance for the Japanese. We struggle to think of a crest that is more perfect.


The stitching design on the front of this kit is inspired by the traditional Sashiko embroidery that was used to stitch together kimono’s in the Endo era. An ancient form of stitching that has stood the test of time and has been bought into this kit.

The attention to detail on this bad boy is nothing short of amazing.  All in all, a lot of thought and history has been poured into this kit. My hat goes off to those behind the jersey, so whoever you are you beautiful bastards, thank you.



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